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Youth Pastor/Leader

Thanks for checking out UnitedWKND. Our goal is for a WKND that you can bring your group to, and not have to do a lot of logistical work. Ministry is crazy and program planning easily wears you down. We want UnitedWKND to be an easy option with BIG spiritual results for you and your students. 

Let us know how we can help you be apart of UnitedWKND 2020, below!

Leader Information

Leaders will receive small group material as well as an information packet upon registration. The information packet will include community service details, small group material, schedule, and more details about the conference. 

Church groups are not required to have host homes within their group, but it is recommended. This option fosters bonds and special moments where students and leaders discuss and go over small group material. This information will cover topics talked about in sessions and ask questions to provoke further conversations about the sessions. 

What is a host home? - A host home is a place for students and leaders to stay throughout the weekend in between sessions. The church groups will provide their own host homes. This is usually through church members' or Youth Pastor's homes. 

What your group will receive:

1. T-shirt (if registered by March 8th)

2. Pizza on Friday Night

3. Late-night snack

4. Chick-Fil-A Lunch (on Saturday)

5. Small Group Material for Leaders

6. Session Material for Students

7. Community Service Opportunity

8. Kick-off Party Experience 

If students register before March 8th, they will receive their t-shirts during the afternoon session on Saturday.


Student Pastor/Leader 

Please contact us to begin registering your group.